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What exactly do you do with my BACnet Device?

We receive your device, install it onto our BACnet/IP, BACnet Ethernet or BACnet MS/TP network. We then browse it from each of the BACnet workstations we have installed on our network and ensure that all the BACnet objects can be read from the device. If we detect any problems we report these to you.

What exactly do you do with my BACnet Workstation?

We connect it to our BACnet network and then browse every single BACnet device we have in the lab. If we detect any problems, we report these to you.

How confidential are my reports?

Problem reports are shared only with the party that provides the device and workstation.

How much does the service cost?

Prices have not been established yet. Please email us at info@bac-test.com for an update.

I have another question.

Please email info@bac-test.com with the question. We will respond very quickly.